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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

How to Create a PST File in Microsoft Outlook 2007
Posted On 17/01/2013 03:15 AM   Posted By: Administrator
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Create a PST File in Microsoft Outlook 2007


An important part of backing up the files on your computer is backing up all of your emails from within your mailbox. Microsoft's Outlook, a common email client, has an "export" feature that makes backing up emails relatively painless. This tutorial shows how to use Outlook's menu to create a PST file for backup purposes


1. Open Outlook. It can normally be located in "Programs" and then "Microsoft Office."

2. From the "File" menu, choose "Import and Export."

3. Select "Export to a file" and click "Next."

4. In the "Create a file of type" window, select "Personal Folder File (.pst)" and click "Next."

5. The next window is used for selecting which folders you would like to export. If you check the "Include subfolders" box and then select "Personal Folders," all of your emails will be included in the export file. If you prefer, you may select individual files to include in the backup file.

6. The next window is for selecting a location to save your backup. The default location is "AppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlookbackup.pst." Because this location may make the file difficult to locate later, choosing another location is recommended. Clicking the "Browse" button allows you to choose another location, such as the Desktop or an external drive.

7. Once you've chosen a name and location, click "Finish" and Outlook will create the PST file for you.


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