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(Error on page) fix for internet explorer.
Posted On 23/01/2013 08:54 PM   Posted By: Administrator
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(Error on page) fix for internet explorer.

. Click on Tools at the top of the Internet Explorer browser. Go down to the last option on that list, and click on Internet Options. The Internet Options window will open.


. Click on the Advanced button. Go down to the Disable script debugging. Click inside the box to put a check mark in it. This disables Script debugging.


. Go down to the box that says Disable a notification about every script error. Click inside the box, to remove the check mark.


. Click on Apply and click on the OK button. The settings take effect when you click the OK button.


. Close Internet Explorer. Open a new Internet Explorer browser, by double clicking the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop or the one that is located on the task bar.



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