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Games Pogo Browser Problems

Cannot play Pogo from the Internet Explorer in windows 8
Posted On 28/01/2013 11:13 PM   Posted By: Administrator
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Cannot play Pogo from the Internet Explorer in windows 8

Windows 8 is here. And lots of problems with Pogo.

First let me say, Windows 8 is not like any other windows operating system. It is Microsoft's attempt to build an OS for the mobile user. Touch screen tablets and smart phones are its target. Not home PC desktop users with regular monitors. Therefore it will be necessary to learn how to use the Start Screen apps to navigate your computer.

Windows 8 has its own javascript (Not Java) built in. That is why you will find you cannot play Pogo from the Internet Explorer App on the Start Screen. You will need to use the Desktop app. And then, you will have to make adjustments. Here is a link to Java to learn more on who to do that

Internet Explorer 10 is not like any other Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 10 is designed to provide an add-on free experience. Add-ons, like Java, will only work in Internet Explorer for the desktop.

If you would like to force IE to always browse in compatibility mode do the following:

1.) Right click on the top bar within IE10 and check, "Menu bar"

2.) Click on "tools" --> compatibility view settings
3.) Check, "display all websites in compatibility mode"
This will help with getting Pogo to play better.

Windows 8 has Windows Defender built in. It is so like Microsoft Security Essentials, I was surprised. I really like it. No other AV should be necessary. But, that is always a personal choice.

I've had Windows 8 installed now for 7 months and I have found that for the most part it works great. IE10 continues to be problematic. But, all Internet Explorer versions seem to be that way, in my opinion. I am a Google Chrome user and have not problems with Pogo. I also, have read many posts that Firefox works with it also. Not being a Firefox user I can't say.


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