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Email MSN Error Message

How to Delete Error Messages in MSN
Posted On 07/02/2013 10:13 PM   Posted By: Administrator
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  How to Delete Error Messages in MSN, Error 421, Error 0X800ccc90/Error 0x800ccc18, Msn Connection Problems, Unable to login to Messenger, Security Upgrade Required, Display names are gone, I cannot start one-way video calls,
How to Delete Error Messages in MSN

The "Server Error: 421" error message appears in MSN when you are on a server that is utilizing a POP3 connection and you attempt to send out an email to another account using the POP3 connection. The error message appears because the number of connections on the server is set too low. The number of connections needs to be set higher for the error and its messages to disappear. " Error 0X800ccc90" or "Error 0x800ccc18" is an error in which the Outlook Express program mistakenly stops your password from being authenticated, thus preventing you from logging into Outlook Express. This error can be fixed from within the MSN program.

Error 421

Access and run the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator utility. The process used to set up the server will cause the access path to the utility to vary.

Locate the "Connections" icon in the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator?s left navigation pane. This is for the server that you want to administer. Find the "Internet Mail Service" icon in the right navigation pane and double click it to open the "Properties" dialog box.

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Click the "Connections" tab, then click the "Advanced" button. The configuration dialog will open up.

Move the number in the "Max No. of Inbound Connections" higher, until the error is rectified. For example, begin with 100 and if this does not solve the error, continue to go higher until the error is fixed.

Close the program dialog boxes to save recent changes.

Error 0X800ccc90/Error 0x800ccc18

Open and run MSN and click on the "Tools" option in the main menu.

Choose the "Accounts" option under the "Tools" menu.

Click on your email account to select it and choose the "Log on using" option.

Click on "Servers" in the "Log on using" menu. Select the "Clear Text" option to rectify this error. You can now log on without any issues.



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