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Browser Internet Explorer Error Message

can't acess Facebook in internet explorer
Posted On 12/02/2013 10:37 PM   Posted By: Administrator
Browser - Internet Explorer - Error Message      Article ID: 00353
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can't acess Facebook in internet explorer

Reset ie9 Mr. Fixit for me,

Check the box to Delete personal settings when prompted,

Reset ie9 manually,


Click the Start button on the Taskbar,

Click on Control panel,

Click on Internet options,

Go to the Advanced section,

Click on Reset button on the bottom,

Check the box to Delete personal settings,

Use the recommended setup and install options.

Tools>Internet Options>Security tab, click "Reset all zones to default"

Trusted Sites icon, 'Sites' button, remove Facebook.com from the list...

IE has a security setting to prevent navigation to zones of lower integrity...

with fb in the trusted zones linking from Cricut.com negotiates zones of different integrity...

the Trusted Sites zone actually has less stringent security...for the most part companies use it to add their business partner sites, public access sites like FB, gmail, Microsoft should not be mapped to a zone (default is Intranet zone)


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