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Printer Hp HP Deskjet 3050

Unable to connect to WPA secured
Posted On 14/02/2013 03:47 AM   Posted By: Administrator
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Unable to connect to WPA secured

My first post here so please excuse any faux pas on my part. I bought this HP Deskjet 3050 a
week ago and have been waging war with it ever since. I'd be really grateful if someone could
possibly advise on how I can resolve this.

I am unable to connect the printer to my secured wireless network, even though other computers,
cell phones, etc. are connected without issue. I have tried WPA, WPA2 and WPA2-Mixed
security modes with the same failure. Specifically, the connection wizard reaches 66% and then
displays the error that the wizard is unable to find network/printer. If I disable the security, the
printer connects fine.

I'm using a Linksys WRVS4400N router with firewall and associated firewall settings disabled.
The router is broadcasting on 802.11G/N mixed mode.

I'm installing the software supplied on the setup CD on a Windows XP SP3 system. I have
confirmed that the network the PC and printer are connected to are the same.

A question as well, if I may: I haven't tried these drivers yet but I see there are updated drivers
for the printer dated 14/12/2010. The release notes indicate improved networking, but don't
elaborate beyond this. Does anyone know if there was a known problem with connecting to
secured networks that has now been fixed?

Finally, just a note that I'm partially sighted and am using a screen reader on all systems. I'll try
my best to be as helpful as I can but please do excuse me if I occasionally can't find settings, etc.
on screen and need a bit more detailed help.

Thanks in advance for your help, which I really will appreciated.


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