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My Flash Games Are Not Loading
Posted On 13/12/2012 02:22 AM   Posted By: Administrator
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My Flash Games Are Not Loading


Flash games are online programs that can be played in the window of a browser, such as 

Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The games run on technology called Adobe Flash, which allows graphics and video to be played on a browser. If your browser is not playing Flash games, you may need to reinstall or update your Flash plugin. Fortunately, this is a simple procedure.


Go to the website in Resources, and select your operating system and browser from the drop-down menus.

Click "Download Now," and choose "Save File." Wait for the file to download, and then close your browser by choosing "Quit" from the "File" menu.

Double-click the downloaded file, and choose "OK" to update or re-install Flash on your computer.

Click "Finish" to complete installation, and then reopen your browser. Navigate to your Flash game, which should now open correctly. If it does not, contact the administrator of the site hosting the game, as the problem may be on the other end.


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