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Java Upgrade Problems on Pogo
Posted On 14/12/2012 02:02 AM   Posted By: Administrator
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Java Upgrade Problems on Pogo


Pogo is a website that allows registered members to play various games for free via the website or download games to their computers. In addition to this, users can pay to upgrade their memberships to access more games.


Pogo's online games rely on a combination of technologies including Java, a Sun Systems product. Users will need to have Java installed on their computers as well as the appropriate add-on for their Web browser. Without the add-on, the user cannot play online Pogo games; however, downloaded games may still work.

Typically, the user's browser will alert her if the appropriate version of Java is not installed and provide prompts for automatically updating Java. Alternatively, the user can download the most recent version of Java directly from the official website (see Resources).

Occasionally, installing or upgrading Java may not complete successfully. If subsequent attempts to install Java fail, Windows users can open the Control Panel from the Start menu and choose the option to "Uninstall a Program" or "Add or Remove Programs." The user can then select the installed versions of Java and choose to remove them before attempting to reinstall Java.


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