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Operating System Windows 8

How to access the Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8
Posted On 04/01/2013 10:55 PM   Posted By: Administrator
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Access the Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8


The Advanced startup options menu allows you to specify various options for how you would like Windows 8 to start or to provide access to repair and diagnostic tools in the event that Windows is unable to start. In previous versions of Windows you were able to access the advanced startup options menu by clicking on the F8 key when Windows started. In Windows 8, though, they removed this capability in order to offer a faster boot experience. Due to this you need to access the advanced startup options menu through a different method that is described below.


To restart your computer into the Advanced startup options menu please go to the Windows 8 Start Screen and type Advanced. When the search results appear click on the Settings category as shown below.

Now click on the option labeled Advanced startup options and you will be brought to the General PC Settings screen. Scroll down to the bottom until you see an option labeled Advanced startup.

Click on the Restart now button and Windows 8 will restart your computer and go directly into the Advanced Startup options menu.

On this screen are a various options that you can click on with your mouse that changes how Windows will start. The possible options are:


If you select this option, you will leave the Advanced startup options screen and Windows 8 will start normally.


The troubleshoot button allows you to access repair tools that can help you recover or troubleshoot Windows 8. This will be discussed further in the tutorial.

Turn off your PC

This option will simply turn off your PC.

Use a device

The use a device option allows you to specify a particular device such as a USB key or DVD that you wish to boot your computer from.

Use another operating system

If you have another operating system installed and you would like to start it, you can select this option. This will then display a menu that shows the other operating systems that are installed on your computer.

When you click on the Troubleshoot menu option, you will be shown another menu screen that provides repair and troubleshooting options for Windows

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